About this blog

I started these pages as a place to write down some notes so I can refer to them later, if necessary. Hopefully, someone else might find something useful here as well. This is also a way for me to give back something to the community, given that a lot of things I had learned from others on the Internet. Another reason was to avoid “but I already solved this in the past” situations.

All information is provided as is. As with everything on the internet, you should exercise discretion before implementing anything from these pages in your own environment.

About Some Dude

I am “Some Dude” - a systems administrator, engineer, devops, whatever the latest buzzword is. I am always on the lookout for new employment opportunities. Feel free to contact me.

Some technologies I had worked with:

  • Operating systems and hardware: RedHat / Rocky / CentOS Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Unix, Microsoft Windows, x86, Sun SPARC / UltraSPARC, DEC Alpha.
  • Virtualization and Cloud: VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Director, VMware SRM, Citrix Xen Server, Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Vagrant.
  • Networking and telecom: Routing, Switching, Cisco IOS, Cisco CatOS, Junos OS.
  • Protocols: TCP, IP, VLAN, NAT, DNS, DHCP, NFS, NIS, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, SSH, Kerberos, LDAP, SMB, TACACS, Radius, NTP, SSL, etc.
  • Security: Checkpoint, Pfsense, IPTables / NFTables, OpenBSD PF, Nmap, Nessus, etc.
  • Software: RedHat HA, RedHat Satellite, Foreman, Sun Cluster, Sun Ray, ISC Bind, ISC DHCP, Samba, vsftpd, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Apache, Tomcat, Squid, Nagios, Symantec Netbackup, HP Data Protector, Gitlab, Apache Kafka, TeamCity, etc.
  • Programming: Shell, Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, Helm, Git, CVS.
  • Certifications: RHCE

Some things I had worked on:

  • Internal onprem private cloud based on VMware vCloud.
  • Migration of internal services to Amazon AWS.
  • Disentanglement of live internal infrastructure after sale of company division.
  • Complete refresh and redesign of internal VMware infrastructure.
  • Evolution and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing and testing infrastructure.
  • Etc.

Some courses I had taken:

  • Checkpoint Training
  • USENIX Technical Training
  • Solaris System Administration
  • Packeteer Training
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • VMware vSphere
  • Togaf - Management of Enterprise / IT Architecture
  • VMware vCloud Director
  • Red Hat OpenStack Administration
  • Advanced Architecting on AWS
  • Configuration Management with Puppet
  • Adva ENC
  • Etc.

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