List namespaces:

kubectl --context=[context] get ns

List pods in namespace:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] get pods

View deployment:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] get deployments

Get deployment details:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] describe deployments.apps [deploymentname]

Edit running deployment applying change immediately:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] edit deployments.apps [deploymentname]

Scale deployment to number of replicas:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] scale deployment [deploymentname] --replicas=1

List secrets:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] get secrets

List configmaps:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] describe configmaps

View secrets:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] describe secrets [secretname]

Decode a secret:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] get secrets/[secretname] -o json| jq '.data | map_values(@base64d)'

Forward port 1080 to a pod:

kubectl --context=[context] port-forward --namespace=[namespace] [podname] 1080:1080

Get shell inside running pod:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] exec --stdin --tty [podname] -- /bin/bash

View pod logs:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] logs [podname]

Run pod with overrides:

kubectl --context=[context] run [podname] --namespace=[namespace] --rm -ti --image=ubuntu --overrides='{ "apiVersion": "v1", "spec": { "serviceAccountName": "workload-somedude-id" } }' -- bash

Display ingress as YAML:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] get ingress [ingressname] -o yaml

Describe ingress:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] describe ingress [ingressname]

Run container with inifinite loop, exit using CTRL+P followed by CTRL+Q:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] run [containername] -ti --image ubuntu -- /bin/bash -c 'while true; do sleep 60; done'

Then enter the container interactively:

kubectl --context=[context] --namespace=[namespace] exec -ti [containername] -- /bin/bash