Create database replicas:

metadb -f -a -c [number_of_replicas] [device]
metadb -f -a -c 3 c0t0d0s7

Delete all database replicas from device:

metadb -d [device]
metadb -d c0t0d0s7

Display status of database replicas:

metadb -i
metadb -i

Display metadevice status:


Create simple concat/stripe metadevice:

metainit -f [concat_metadevice] 1 1 [device]
metainit -f d21 1 1 c0t0d0s1

Create a mirror with one submirror:

metainit [mirror_metadevice] -m [submirror_metadevice]
metainit d20 -m d21

Attach a submirror to one sided mirror:

metattach [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metattach d20 d22

Detach a submirror from a mirror:

metadetach [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metadetach d20 d22

Clear a metadevice:

metaclear [metadevice]
metaclear d22

Offline a submirror:

metaoffline [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metaoffline d20 d22

Online a submirror:

metaonline [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metaonline d20 d22

Enable a failed component:

metareplace -e [metadevice] [device]
metareplace -e d21 c0t0d0s1

Rename a metadevice:

metarename [old_met
adevice] [new_metadevice]
metarename d20 d30

Switch metadevice names:
metarename [metadevice_1] [metadevice_2]
metarename -x d20 d30

Configure system for root metadevice:

metaroot [metadevice]
metaroot d10