I needed to build a print server and I had to use HP Jetadmin. I also wanted to use Solaris Containers for the job. Here are few things I found out in the process. This was done on Solaris 10 08/07 and Jetadmin version E.10.34.

I did a little bit of searching, and all I found were conflicting reports: it should work, it does not work, it works, but not really…

First of all the container that will host Jetadmin has to be full-root, as Jetadmin install will put some files into /usr/spool. I suppose it would be possible to work around it and use sparse-root, even though it might be a little messy.

The problem I ran into was while creating print queues using hppi tool. During the process mknod command is called to create printer device file in /dev directory of the container. You can not use mknod inside a container and creation of the device file will fail. Sure enough, greping for mknod in Jetadmin’s admin directory yields the following:

bash-3.00$ grep mknod *
addptrtoq:         mknod $DFILE c 13 2

Closer look at addptrtoq reveals the following:

if [ ! -c $DFILE ]
mknod $DFILE c 13 2
chmod 666 $DFILE

So to get around the problem, first you manually have to create the special file in the global zone inside /dev directory of the print server container. Then you can proceed with installing the print queue using hppi tool.

bash-3.00# cd /export/home/zones/prtsvr/dev/
bash-3.00# mknod laser c 13 2
bash-3.00# chmod 666 laser

Now you should be able to add a printer queue without any problems. So Jetadmin works just fine inside Solaris 10 Container. For me, anyways…