I was trying to mount a RHEL 4 NFS share in Solaris 10. But for whatever reason I just could not seem to get it mounted. It would always come back with “Not owner” error:

bash-3.00# mount -F nfs carbon:/media/cdrecorder /mnt/carbon
nfs mount: mount: /mnt/carbon: Not owner

So, I checked and rechecked my settings with no success. Then, I remembered reading something somewhere about NFS v4 in Linux being not so great at one time. Since the Linux box was running RHEL 4 I tought this might be my problem. So, I decided to force mount using NFS v3, since Solaris 10 will try to mount the Linux share using NFS v4 first.

bash-3.00# mount -F nfs -o vers=3 carbon:/media/cdrecorder /mnt/carbon
bash-3.00# cd /mnt/carbon

That worked well. Since this was one time mounting job, I did not bother any further. If I would be doing this on regular basis I would probably edit /etc/default/nfs on the Solaris box and force maximum NFS client version to be v3.