This list focuses mostly on mirror operations. I use Solaris Volume Manager quite a bit when mirroring internal drives. There are tons of additional features and commands, if you use SVM for things other than mirroring. In that case you might want to look at check out Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Create database replicas:

metadb -f -a -c [number_of_replicas] [device]
metadb -f -a -c 3 c0t0d0s7

Delete all database replicas from device:

metadb -d [device]
metadb -d c0t0d0s7

Display status of database replicas:

metadb -i
metadb -i

Display metadevice status:


Create simple concat/stripe metadevice:

metainit -f [concat_metadevice] 1 1 [device]
metainit -f d21 1 1 c0t0d0s1

Create a mirror with one submirror:

metainit [mirror_metadevice] -m [submirror_metadevice]
metainit d20 -m d21

Attach a submirror to one sided mirror:

metattach [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metattach d20 d22

Detach a submirror from a mirror:

metadetach [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metadetach d20 d22

Clear a metadevice:

metaclear [metadevice]
metaclear d22

Offline a submirror:

metaoffline [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metaoffline d20 d22

Online a submirror:

metaonline [mirror_metadevice] [submirror_metadevice]
metaonline d20 d22

Enable a failed component:

metareplace -e [metadevice] [device]
metareplace -e d21 c0t0d0s1

Rename a metadevice:

metarename [old_met
adevice] [new_metadevice]
metarename d20 d30

Switch metadevice names:
metarename [metadevice_1] [metadevice_2]
metarename -x d20 d30

Configure system for root metadevice:

metaroot [metadevice]
metaroot d10