I was trying to get Dell 3130cn Manual printer working with Jetadmin in Solaris. But, I was not able to create the print queue even though the printer was reachable, SNMP was working and so was telnet. Fortunately, there is a workaround I found somewhere on the Internet. Of course, I failed to keep the link to the workaround. Anyways, the non-HP printer that you are trying to configure has to have Jetdirect card. The workaround:

  1. Take an HP Jetdirect printer that you already have configured.
  2. Edit /etc/hosts file on the print server and add entry with Dell printer name. The IP address for that entry has to be the one belonging to the working HP printer.
  3. Add a print queue as you normally would.
  4. Remove the /etc/hosts file entry.
  5. Test printing.

Of course, this assumes that you have some sort of name resolution mechanism in place such as NIS, so the printer names get resolved properly. Also, your /etc/nsswitch.conf file has to specify that /etc/hosts file is the first place the server goes to when resolving names.

The /etc/hosts file entry temporarily overrides your global name resolution mechanism. This way you can create print queue with the Dell printer, but you are actually talking to the HP printer when creating the queue. You might also want to use generic network printer driver in Jetadmin. Anyways, I got that Dell printer working.