I needed to install HP Data Protector 5.5 client on an old machine running Solaris 2.6. I also needed to apply some Data Protector patches to that machine. The problem was I had no Data Protector Install Server for Data Protector version 5.5.

Normally, Data Protector clients are installed from Data Protector Install Server. When you need to deploy patches, first you patch the Install Server and then you push out patches to you Data Protector clients.

Installing the client itself on standalone machine is not a big deal. All you need is an appropriate Data Protector software depot and off you go. The problem was installing patches without the Install Server.

Here is the process I followed installing and patching this machine:

  • B6960-15041DP55_HPUX_PA_IS_CD.tar - HPUX Install Server - contains Solaris 2.6 client
  • DPSOL_00168.zip_ - Patch
  • DPSOL_00180.zip_ - Patch

First, I decompressed Data Protector software depot that contains Solaris 2.6 client and installed Disk Agent on the machine:

root@client # tar xf _B6960-15041_DP55_HPUX_PA_IS_CD.tar_
root@client # cd LOCAL_INSTALL
root@client # ./omnisetup.sh -install da

After that was done, it was time to patch Data Protector installation. First, I decompressed the patch archive. Then I located and decompressed the proper packet.Z file for Solaris 2.6:

root@client # unzip DPSOL_00168.zip
root@client # cd OB2-SOLUX/root/opt/omni/databases/vendor/da/sun/sparc/solaris-26/A.05.50/
root@client # uncompress packet.Z

Finally I installed the packet, which is really Solaris package:

root@client # pkgadd -d ./packet all

The whole patch process has to be repeated for all patches you are trying to install. Note, that when you unzip the patch, you kind of have to know what you are looking for, so you need to pay attention to the PATH to packet.Z file; i.e. in the above case I was installing Data Agent patch on a Sun box, running Solaris 2.6 and Data Protector version 5.5.