While opinion of my own, disabling IPv6 in Rocky/RedHat/CentOS Linux is a messy affair. Nevertheless, sometimes system requirements call for such thing. In this case, disabling IPv6 has resulted in continuous flood of messages to syslog. About every 12 seconds!

Mar 17 07:58:23 prx013 NetworkManager[1154]: <warn>  [1679036303.3521] platform-linux: do-add-ip6-address[2: fe80::250:56ff:feb9:dc71]: failure 95 (Operation not supported)
Mar 17 07:58:25 prx013 NetworkManager[1154]: <warn>  [1679036305.3543] ipv6ll[40b05df140eccb36,ifindex=2]: changed: no IPv6 link local address to retry after Duplicate Address Detection failures (back off)

Oh yes, NetworkManager! Thankfully, the following stops the madness:

[root@prx013 ~]# nmcli device modify ens224 ipv6.method "disabled"
[root@prx013 ~]#

Needless to say NetworkManager is not my most favorite tool.